Geen psychiatrische opname meer!

“In de laatste drie weken heb ik twee retraites gedaan bij Yama. Eerst de Womb Wisdom Retreat met alleen vrouwen en gisteren heb ik de Sacred Union Retreat afgesloten met vrouwen én mannen onder professionele begeleiding van Yama en Zelday. De derde dag gaan we een zeer diepe oefening doen die we ook in de vrouwengroep gedaan hebben. Dat was toen een unieke ervaring. Maar nu met een man dat trek ik niet… Al voordat we de ruimte betreden geef ik […]

Singing Medicine Circles

“It was a MAGICAL evening!! So much transformation and that in one evening… I can imagine what more days like a retreat will be like! Thank you all beautiful sisters, together we heal and grow! Looking forward to the upcoming months on The Sacred Path, year training for women.” Merit Koelink, August 2018 “Thank you my sweet Yamita. For your trust and fully flowering everything always! Love you deeply. And all my sacred sisters…you’re magical!! Strong, wise, soft, sweet, clear, loving, brave and […]

The Sacred Path (year training)

“Wat ben ik dankbaar om te reizen op dit pad. Met jou, Yama. Met de andere sisters. Je bent voor mij inspiratie, heb zoveel bewondering voor hoe je jezelf hebt weten te helen en hoe je al je doorleefdheid nu op zo een krachtige en liefdevolle manier deelt met ons, met de wereld. Het is een gift. Wat heb ik dit nodig om mezelf en mijn draken nog meer onder ogen te komen, beren op de weg los te laten […]

Agua de Florida Ritual

“Oh thank you so much Yama for passing on this sacred ritual 🌿 Wow it was such a beautiful and magical day… brewing and birthing our own Agua de Florida Medicine together in this warm and lovely circle of sisters… Thank you all beauties for creating this space together. YES.. Remembering who we really are… it felt so familiar… as if I’ve done this so many times before…And thank you Yama for your honest insights who are filled with love… Yes… I […]

Mother, Child, Witch, Elder, Sister

“The first time I met Yama was during a Womb Wisdom Ceremony. I immediately felt safe and held to go deep (and looking around me I wasn’t the only one). She knows how to open up a deep and profound healing space, where I feel she is a Medicine Woman on many levels and I am not only speaking to the plant medicines she works with… Yama carries the unconditional love and compassion of a Mother, the curiosity and playfulness […]

Let Us Do Our Magic…! 

We women have Infinite Healing Powers! Healing ourselves first of all, healing others (which basically means bringing others back into a place of self-healing) and healing the feminine/masculine balance on a collective level.  Women can create true Magic by getting together, aligning with our Female Forces and tapping into that collective healing field of deep, intuitive Womb Wisdom. But… Yes, there is a big BUT!! Most of the time we are blocked from this source. Stuck. Not flowing. Blocked. Sick. […]

Singing inspiration

“Yama’s beautiful voice comes straight from the heart and soul. Her singing in ceremony is inspiring to me, a calling to my soul to be seen and celebrate. Yama is a beautiful sister who makes me feel deeply comfortable as a woman. I feel blessed to have connected with her.” Sasha Starr