Boek “Van Stoornis naar Gave”

“Powervrouw met een bijzonder zelfgeschreven boek! Congratz yama, dankjewel voor deze gift en het uitdragen en openen van deze taboes en kracht!“, Marion Visje * “Trots op Yama Voorhorst, die haar autobiografische verhaal met de wereld gaat delen. Zo goed dat er meer openheid komt ten aanzien van psychische ‘ziekten’, de wereld van de psychiatrie, medicatie en alternatieven!“, Carry Maarse * “Bijzonder waar een mens toe in staat is!“, 🙏 Circles of Love * “Congratulations!! It is so beautiful, when the […]

Book release

Yesss… my book will be released in April 2019!!  It all started on the 19th of June 1999: that very day I fully committed to being ME with ALL THAT I AM. That day I promised myself Faithfulness, Fidelity and Full Support in my Darkness and in my Light during a Self-Marriage Ritual amidst my best Sister-friends as my witnesses. I am still wearing my self-wedding ring on my left thumb, as a daily reminder of my vows. After that […]

Gift in disguise

We grow in consciousness by shedding old skin and waking up with a raised level of spiritual consciousness. This is what my BOOK is about, that is currently being read by a few people for the first time… (exciting!): actually it is a personal LOVE STORY about healing my BIPOLAR DISORDER.  And when I say ‘healing’ I do not mean only getting out of my severe sick state of being and ‘back’ to my ‘normal’ state, preventing myself from further […]