Example of infinite possibilities

“Dear Yama, thank you for fully being you and that way being an example of all the infinit possibilities we all have in ourselves to make different choices and change for the better. For your love and clarity. For your courage and humor. And all other qualities you use in your sessions and ceremonies and retreats. Highly recommended to people (men and women ) who love to know more of themselves and the healing field and for that are willing […]

Sacred Union Retreat

“Wauw, wat was het een magische week, hier nog zacht aan het landen en volop aan het nagenieten. Jullie samen zijn echt fantastisch, zo fijn dat jullie dit delen met de wereld!” ❤ – Agnes Geense (Sacred Union Retreat Mei 2018) “YES… it was MAGIC! Radiant and serene… you beauties…!” – Lotte Kerkhoven (Sacred Union Retreat Mei 2018) “Loved it all, especially all you people and the open and tender-sweet energy flowing!” – Oliver (Sacred Union Retreat Mei 2018) “Het voelde als één grote betovering. […]

Geen psychiatrische opname meer!

“In de laatste drie weken heb ik twee retraites gedaan bij Yama. Eerst de Womb Wisdom Retreat met alleen vrouwen en gisteren heb ik de Sacred Union Retreat afgesloten met vrouwen én mannen onder professionele begeleiding van Yama en Zelday. De derde dag gaan we een zeer diepe oefening doen die we ook in de vrouwengroep gedaan hebben. Dat was toen een unieke ervaring. Maar nu met een man dat trek ik niet… Al voordat we de ruimte betreden geef ik […]

Fall back into yourself…

Last week we brought a beautiful, silent and easy going Tantra Ritual at the Open Up Festival. Even though it was very hot and we had a more than huge group at pretty packed and hot attic, we heard that it was very calming, peaceful and healing. This Sacred Union Ritual was aimed to – first of all – fall back into yourself and your own space and move from there. Again and again… back to yourself. Since… there’s nothing […]

Freeing the Senses in Sacred Union

An important tantric practise is cleansing, freeing and opening up the SENSES – to release our personal ‘demons’ and become the free and orgasmic being that we are! Many of our wounds, depletions of energy and traumatic power intrusions of others, all kind of things which lead to our dis-eases, primarily reach us through the senses: … a causal but deeply wounding word we heard when we were a child… … something we don’t wish to see… … an unwelcome […]

Sacred Union & Womb Wisdom

“… als je stemmetjes (je mening, gedachten, gevoelens) je vertellen dat de Sacred Union Retreat geen aanbod is voor jou… wel, dan is dat misschien juist een reden om te gaan! Twee jaar geleden deed ik de Womb Wisdom Retreat voor vrouwen en ik ging erheen, begeleid door een hoop innerlijk commentaar, vooroordelen en stoffige overtuigingen, angst en boosheid in mijn lijf. De gang naar de Sacred Union Retraite van vorige week was daar een milde afspiegeling van. En beide […]


For us tantra is about the expansion of Consciousness that comes from a dynamic, sensate connection to life. It delights from Awareness in the senses, desires and feelings, transforming our acts into creative evolution.  Many people mistakenly think tantra is only about sex, but for us it actually is the spiritual practice of weaving together opposite energies into a Sacred Union.  WHAT IS SACRED UNION? It is the experience of feeling in harmony with yourself, with others and with the […]

Sacred Union

It’s high time to restore the natural balance within and outside of ourselves and create a new and healthy living world. TOGETHER. Each and every one of us, MEN and WOMEN alike. We all have our own share in this, we create our world together.  All of the work with Women and Men separate that I have been sharing about in my recent post about TRUST has ONE MAIN GOAL: to support a healthy, safe, loving and sacred UNION among […]


You are not meant to have it all figured out. You are not meant to have absolute certainty, or even any certainty about your next step. All you need to do is follow your Yes. Follow the natural current of your love. Live in utmost integrity with your Truth. And know that all that doesn’t serve you will vanish by itself. Sooner or later. There is nothing you need to worry about. There are no decisions that you need to […]


The Path of Tantra is calling me to be fully present. Of course it does! Tantra is a deeply integrated part of my life. For me (and in me) the Path of Tantra and the Path of Plant Medicine are one and the same but sometimes one of the two is a bit more on the forefront. The last few months I have been in the jungle working with the sacred plants and for over two of the three months […]