Medicine Concert Kaula Family

“The concert was amazingly beautiful. I enjoyed all of it, I was very impressed. Thank you for organizing this event. Gracias Yamita!”, 5th of September 2017 Pema Gitama * “Thank you Yama, it was beautiful. You are in my heart. Your singing in the ceremony last time reminded me so much that this ceremony is about love. I am glad I enjoyed some of it in the concert.”, 5th of September 2017 Dariya * “I want to thank you for […]

Medicine Concert in Vondelkerk

“Thank you dear Yamita Voorhorst and Hans for your amazing presence, sounds, singing at Pema’s Book Launch Party of her second book Tantra, Hidden Mysteries…. Much love to both of you❤️❤️❤️????”, April 2017 Mallika Guselnikova from Russia * “Thank you dear sister Yamita Voorhorst and Hans, for your tribute to the most wonderfull night of Pema Gitama ‘s newborn wisdom in bookform; in 500 amazingly beautifull pages.. what a dear loving space you, Pema, and all beautifull beloved souls gathered created! Happy to […]