Regaining sensuality & sexual feelings

Yama lead the retreat professional and is committed with her heart to the work  and the women in the group.  She and her assistances (Karin, Sophie en Marie-Louise) took care of a warm  and safe bedding during all the retreat. Surrounded with this warmth I felt welcome to open myself for new experiences. Yama invites to explore while being in this safe bedding with only women. I experienced it, and it is true healing!!! I regained female power, my sensuality and my sexual feelings again. Being in the menopause, I experienced it as  it was all gone…… Now I know it was just asleep!

This retreat is an invitation for every women that feels she needs a wake-up call, a dive into herself,  to re-discover her own feminine power.  Experience Womb Wisdom yourself in the safe, warm and  caring bedding which Yama invites you to explore! She is one of a kind.”

Maritha Munster, November 2017

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