** Making your own Power Essence Sprays **

Many people know ‘Agua de Florida’ (florida aka flower water). It is a sort of All-Purpose Spiritual Water that is used for cleansing in many ways in shamanism.

What for?
In Latin America this ‘water’ stands for good luck, for blessing and for protection against all negative energy. It is used for purification, healing, protection, blessing and blossoming. It can help clearing energy or bust up stagnant energy that’s being held in the body of a client or participant in ceremonies. It can also be used to purify and protect your own space and energy field while working with others, help to channel emotions, pain and sadness, you can bathe in it, cleanse your altar and shamanic tools with it, clear stagnant energy in rooms and you can even use it as… a floor wash!

In plant medicine ceremonies it is used for cleansing and healing rituals, to ground you and get firmly ‘in your body’ if you’re feeling a bit anxious or frazzled, to get rid of heavy energies sticking on you, to open energetic pathways or to get you back in the here and now.

Some Shamans are drinking the cologne and spray it out of their mouth, to honor the Four Directions and the Sacred Elements, or straight onto your body or energetic field to keep you in your own energy field and protect you, so the lines don’t get blurry between the participants.

Maestro Heberto even ‘diets’ this cologne as a preparation for when he comes to work in Europe. To protect himself, he is drinking a bottle of Agua de Florida a day, for several days while fasting on food and water!

When I was apprenticing with him I also had to drink it. For instance, I had to take a zip in my mouth as a protection and means to ‘suck’ (chupar) illnesses out of patients, we had it mixed in the brew when dieting on certain stones and I had to drink it pure as part of a cleansing ritual with tobacco.


Honestly, I have never really liked the smell of the Agua de Florida (leave alone the taste!) – this cheap aromatic cologne of the Murray and Lanman brand (that is… cheap? In South America yes, but here your little plastic bottle can easily cost you €22,50 if you buy it online in Holland!).

OK, there are two kinds, and the one based on sugar cane alcohol (that is how it was traditionally made) is slightly better than the one with a base of eau de cologne. But it is still like a cheap aftershave your little brother constantly slathers on.

Although I can somehow appreciate the nostalgic connection to it’s ceremonial use, it is very overpowering with constant use.

And… also in our work with the sacred plant medicines, as well as in the rituals, initiations and energy transmissions that I learned in my work with the Paqo’s (Q’ero Inca Shamans), a lot of Agua de Florida is used.

So… I’ve been always searching for freshly made ones (often beautiful but very expensive), I’ve been learning a little bit here and there in Peru from my Maestros and Maestras (whom still often use cheap and – for me – stinking eau de colognes as a base for their healing ‘Aguas’!), I’ve been experimenting making my own and trying to discover recipes to make it myself.

We have been making several ** Power Essence Sprays ** lately, two of which we have been selling:

* Sweet Tobacco Spray (for protection and purification, it is used for cleansing, protection and grounding. Removes negative energy, brings focus, realignment and connection with your origin. It also serves as an energetic protection during healing work so you don’t take on any of what others release.

*  Red Sandalwood Spray (for attracting positive energy, it increases opportunities and opens for spiritual growth and success).

* And we are currently developing several other ** Power Essence Sprays ** like Palo Santo Spray (for energetic protection and realignment), Awakening and Transformation Spray, Peace and Calming Spray, Highest Potential Spray, Gratitude Spray… the options are endless when you get the hang of it and start connection with the alchemist in you…!

So you can imagine how happy I was when I had the honor to learn an original and unique indigenous recipe for Agua de Florida from Latin America through Veerle Phara! And after experimenting with it a bit, I love pass it on.

>>> RITUAL PREPARATION OF AGUA DE FLORIDA – event on the 15thof September 2018

On Saturday the 15thof September I am organizing a ceremony only for women (since in its traditional use, the ceremonial preparation of Agua de Florida is only be done by women) and we will all be making our own blossom and herbal water Agua de Florida.

You can find more information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/868041340058687/

For subscriptions, send an email to WildWombWisdom@gmail.com

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