Book release

Yesss… my book will be released in April 2019!! 

It all started on the 19th of June 1999: that very day I fully committed to being ME with ALL THAT I AM. That day I promised myself Faithfulness, Fidelity and Full Support in my Darkness and in my Light during a Self-Marriage Ritual amidst my best Sister-friends as my witnesses. I am still wearing my self-wedding ring on my left thumb, as a daily reminder of my vows.

After that I came a long way…! I married the Kenyan father of my son… divorced again and raised my child alone. I had my deepest bipolar relapse ever and got completely lost within myself without an exit for years, while my son was living with my parents, I was given up upon by the Western Doctors, who told my parents to accept that ‘this was it’… yet finally I was able to lift myself out of it all, supported by my Tantra Mama Master Pema Gitama. I fully healed myself of that ‘bipolar disorder’ (which appeared to be my greatest gift in disguise!), got rid of all  pharmaceutical medication and started living my fullest potential – which is sooo much bigger than I would ever have dared to believe! And… I wrote a BOOK about it. 

It took me years to write this book about HEALING MY BIPOLAR DISORDER. That is… the full story was written pretty quickly, over four years ago already, but it was faaaaar too long. It took me a couple of years to reduce it to a readable seize – getting lost again and again, because the more I reduced and changed, the more that ‘red threat’ that was naturally in the first edition started to weaken… I was loosing the overview… and besides my own life changed quicker than I could keep up with, which made my book change again and again as well. Endlessly. 

This last May I went to Terschelling, with the intention to rigorously reduce it to the right size and finally get it over with. And so I did.

And then via via the well known publisher @AnkhHermes was interested in my manuscript – although they normally don’t publish personal stories and autobiographies. To make a not so long story even shorter: they read it, invited me for a meeting – that was today, on that special day the 19th of June – and said YES to my book. And I said YES to them.

So… almost 20 years after that important promise in 1999 my book will be available on the market in APRIL 2019!


I will keep you posted!


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  1. what a awesome story! cant wait either!

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