Agua de Florida Ritual

“Oh thank you so much Yama for passing on this sacred ritual 🌿
Wow it was such a beautiful and magical day… brewing and birthing our own Agua de Florida Medicine together in this warm and lovely circle of sisters… Thank you all beauties for creating this space together. YES.. Remembering who we really are… it felt so familiar… as if I’ve done this so many times before…And thank you Yama for your honest insights who are filled with love… Yes… I have a choice to be(come) the woman I really am… Grateful I could help you!” 
Merit Anne

“Preparing magic today… Strong healing Mother brew with Yama Voorhorst. Abundance ❤️ And so much more ingredients than herbs and flowers… Composing this beautiful healing fluid is an ancient feminine shamanic Tradition.”
LilithMagdalena Abeel 

“What a Joy.. blessed bedding in our sacred circle. Sharing wisdom and flowers. Brewing agua florida with prayers, love and light.. with a deep bow to the big mystery. Love you all!!”
Yarana Chandar 

“So much gratitude for all the women who have passed this medicine on for centuries, for all the women who are curious and willing to receive it in our time, for all the medicines that were given by the Earth to go into it and to all the light from our hearts that was shared in the collective womb we’ve created to birth this medicine together. Thank you thank you thank you, much love to all of you!”
Simone de Kinderen 

“Ohw sweeties..nog steeds  voel ik ons samenzijn in mij zinderen..samen heksen..mmmm..ik had nog wat bloemen mee naar huis genomen en heb ze nu in een schaal met water in de Goddess temple staan, waar we zonet een prachtige rode tent hadden…de vrouwen hebben met dat water blessings ontvangen..zo mooi hoe dat dan weer verder door gaat..tot alle vrouwen op de hele wereld zich verbonden voelen!!!”
Amber Feathersister

“Zo fijn en mooi, ik voel nog steeds de bloemen en planten in mijn hartje dansen. Dankjewel lieve Yama voor het doorgeven van de traditie.” 💚

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