The Path of Tantra is calling me to be fully present. Of course it does! Tantra is a deeply integrated part of my life. For me (and in me) the Path of Tantra and the Path of Plant Medicine are one and the same but sometimes one of the two is a bit more on the forefront. The last few months I have been in the jungle working with the sacred plants and for over two of the three months part of my strict dieta was ‘No Sex’. This can be interpreted in many ways, but in ‘Shamanic Master Plant Dietas’ it means also no thoughts about sex. I am very dedicated to my path of apprenticeship, so I stayed away from sex (which was in a way pretty easy because my Beloved was far away). No fantasies either (this was more difficult!).

But tantra is a loooooot more than ‘sex’! Most of the plant medicine ceremonies made my body extremely orgasmic and I really enjoyed working and playing with that energy! I was lucky to be with a Maestro who knows about the Sacred Sexual Energies so I could openly share with him about the energy play in my body. He had beautiful ‘icaros’ (Shamanic Songs) about the ‘Energías Sexuales Sagradas’ that he sang for me. After the first part of my dieta, the restriction on sex was no longer needed. When my Beloved Zelday finally came, we worked in a beautiful way as a couple with this Maestro and all the energies. We dieted the same plants, did the same meditations together and received many initiations as a ‘Medicine Couple’ from our Maestro. So we have a lot to share now we are back! So… time for TANTRA!


I have some places available for private sessions in the coming weeks. If you are interested check my website and send me an email through WildWombWisdom@gmail.com or by sending me a message. Check my services and prices here: http://actwild.nl/services-and-prices/


Next weekend we are hosting a Sacred Union Ritual at the Tantra Festival Amsterdam. More information: http://tantrafestival.amsterdam/cms/workshopslist/165-sacred-union-ritual

TANTRA CEREMONY with SACRED CACAO on Saturday the 21st of April 2018

After drinking the special Ceremonial Grade* Cacao we will create a deep relaxing Sacred Space with sounds, vibrations, voice and ‘icaros’ (plant medicine music). During the ceremony, we offer tantra meditations and ‘limpias’ (shamanic healing). More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/793048490867938/

SACRED UNION RETREAT (Tantra · Sound Healing · Plant Medicijn), 29th of May – 1st of June 2018

This is a beautiful retreat for men and women, to tap into our full masculine /feminine powers and meet each other in Sacred Union. More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/757391997791317/

SACRED UNION RITUAL on the OPEN UP FESTIVAL, from 25th – 29th of July 2018

We will be present at the Open Up Festival in Baarlo, with a Sacred Union Tantra Meditation (guided with live Sound Healing) and a Shamanic Plant Medicine Concert. More information: http://openupfestival.nl/

A FEMININE PLEASURE JOURNEY on the LORELEI FESTIVAL (women only), from 21st – 23rd and 24th – 26th of August 2018

At both Lorelei Festivals I will guide workshops ‘A Feminine Pleasure Journey’ and give private Shamanic Tantra Medicine Sessions. More information: http://actwild.nl/loreleifestival-2018/

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