Facing challenges

Since I am deeply connecting with the Medicine Plants I experience more health, truth and alignment in my life than ever. I feel intense grateful for the purification and thorough cleansing and when I see where I come from (25 years of struggling with a severe bipolar disorder!) it is nothing less than a MIRACLE where I find myself today…! When I started falling into that deep relationship with the healing plants from the Amazon, I did not have any […]

Sacred Union, Divine Union

Time for true healing! Healing of women and men, and the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine that we both represent within our different embodiments, we come from the same source and have the same Essence. Time to honour the Sacred Union of men and women. And to balance that Divine Union within ourselves. I have been searching wether to share my #metoo-stories… and if so, how. The huge ones which created a lot of trauma in my life, the repetitions […]

Bowing down

“Dear Yama,  your work, your Love, your life… I bow to you with deep respect and joy in my heart for the healing work that you and Zelday are offering.” Katrin Dürkoop