Technique and intuitive attention to detail

“I had the wonderful experience of exchanging sessions with Yama Minke on my recent visit to the Netherlands. Yama’s technique and intuitive attention to detail embodies the deep spirit of Holistic Pulsing as we all explored it together during my years of teaching. I was truly heartened to feel how well this is being carried on after so many years!”, May 19th, 2014   Roberta Skye, Holistic Pulsing Teachter and Wholistic Practitioner* * Roberta Skye is the one who brought […]

From Medication to Acceptance

“Mental illness is a problem misunderstood by many and experienced by few. I have some personal experience with mental illness but always as an outsider to the illness itself. Minke Voorhorst, a life coach at her practice in Utrecht, ActWild, was diagnosed with type 2 bipolar disorder almost twenty-five years ago. For a long time, the illness controlled her everyday life. Minke blamed her illness for what she could not do and saw it as the main hurdle to having […]