Womb Wisdom in North-Wales

“Beautiful sharing together among women in the womb like space of the cosy yurt. Thanks for being part of the first transmission of the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki in North-Wales. What a moving time it was!

We hope you still carry the deeply healing energy with you from receiving the Rite and/or of the Full Moon Water Blessings Ritual.

The whole weekend has left us buzzing with a soft and peaceful energy. All the experiences we shared, the growing taking place in the group. Witnessing women taking big steps in taking responsibility for our lives, going deep to challenge their old patterns we carry with us. Voicing hopes and dreams and feeling the BIG space opening full of trust after letting go of our blocks. Feeling we can really BE the person that we would love to be, whole, honest and true to ourselves with all our possibilities.”

With much love, Femke van Gent
Also on behalf of Yama Voorhorst


About the Womb Wisdom Weekend in Wales
A weekend full of Womb Wisdom Rituals in the cosy yurt, to bring you hidden (but not secret) ancient healing tools that every woman should know. It (re)activates the deep yet often forgotten feminine power within you by bringing practical and spiritual knowledge of catalysing Love and Consciousness. It teaches you to listen to the ancient, creative messages hidden deep within the cyclical powers of the feminine soul. It is a gift of reawakening.
Tools to clear the past, release toxic emotions, open to the womb’s energetic pathways, activate your sacred sensual self, bring balance to relationships and harness creative potential. We invite you to dive deeper into yourself, past the stories you created during your life and connect with the unique pure you.

One of the main themes that we touch in this healing weekend will be femininity and your relation towards/with it. What does it mean for you now, and how did your background shape your underlying beliefs? If you don’t consciously choose to work over new ways, you will somehow keep re-using your inheritance. Often women carry a lot of pain and hurt from their mothers and grandmothers or even former lives. Or they were damaged in this life in a way that diminished their female power. Yet, inheritance is not only the beliefs inherited from your parents, environment, culture etc. but mostly your very own thoughts and feelings gathered along the road of experiences of the Feminine. 

For women who want to reclaim the vibrant power of their womb, their creativity, their life. 

This healing intensive is guided by Deva Yama. Yama’s teachings and transmissions are based on her fully embodied experience in healing herself in different sacred traditions, lineage teachings and initiations (the most profound ones being the Kaula Heart of All, her tantric family, Peruvian Plant Masters and Q’eros initations). This winter Yama was 3 months in Peru to receive more sacred initiations, which opened different aspects of healing. Yama empowers you to become aware of the intuitive voice of your womb and unlock this potent inner source for creativity, spiritual growth and transformation.

Friday 16th of September – Sunday 18th of September 2016

We are feeling grateful to be holding the ceremony in Jo Alexander’s lovely yurt in Penmon, Angelesey, Wales.

Please send a mail to info@femkevangent.nl and she will send the payment details to you.

– Friday night 19:00-22:00: Potluck + Full Moon Water Blessing Ritual 
– Saturday daytime 11:00-17:00: Womb Healing and Celebration 
– Saturday night 20:00-22:00: Women Gathering with singing & making Memory Holders to keep the spirit (of the ceremony or any other spirit) with you 
– Sunday daytime 11:00 – 17:00 Extra transmission Rite of the Womb and a closing Water Ritual at the Sacred Well in Penmon

Much love, 
Yama and Femke <3

Deva Yama | www.ActWild.nl


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