For us tantra is about the expansion of Consciousness that comes from a dynamic, sensate connection to life. It delights from Awareness in the senses, desires and feelings, transforming our acts into creative evolution. 

Many people mistakenly think tantra is only about sex, but for us it actually is the spiritual practice of weaving together opposite energies into a Sacred Union. 

It is the experience of feeling in harmony with yourself, with others and with the Universe. It brings a deep sense of connection and intimacy with everything around you and inside you. 

You know, everything in existence is a perfect blend of the Masculine and a Feminine principle. But these two sides of our Nature have become separated, and our true feelings and lives are divorced…

Let’s restore the natural balance within and outside of ourselves and create a new and healthy living world. TOGETHER. Each and every one of us, MEN and WOMEN alike. We all have our own share in this, we create our world together. 

Let’s stand next to each other and support each other. Let’s learn to ground our Soul’s purpose in everyday life, instead of making it an excuse for all kinds of behaviour. Let’s stop the highly unconscious reaction patterns from deep down and actually deal with things. Transform them. 

Let’s meet and share in full glory, play with the dynamics, merge our polarities and try to get a glimpse of the Oneness by bringing our true Masculine and Feminine energies together. And in all of this, let’s stand strong next to each other in full support. 

Yes… most of us know that this is not always so easy, especially when we get triggered in our wounds… 

But let’s keep searching for that space of Wholeness under the wound, our unwounded self that is always there carrying the Diamond in the wound, and let’s meet the other person from there. Let us stand next to each other.


In our SACRED UNION RETREAT, from Tuesday 29th of May till Friday the 1st of June at the beautiful Hof van Axen in Drenthe, we’ll deep dive into the expansion of our Consciousness by exploring all the opposites within us and between us and by merging the polarities. 

We’ll work with Tantra, Sound Healing and Plant Medicines. The tantra meditations and sound healings will support us through the harmonious weaving of primordial opposities: mortal and divine, male and female, Shiva and Shakti, spirit and matter, Heaven and Earth. 

We’ll embrace the full flow of life during the Tantra Rituals, meditations in nature, Sacred Cacao and other mild Plant Medicine Ceremonies, massages and dance and we’ll… enjoy the ride!

We still have a few places for Men and Women. You are most welcome!

Yama & Zelday

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