Truth, no more drama and stories

“I made a commitment to set myself free from all the conditionings, and take every single opportunity to step out from my comfort zone.

I took in so much ideas from the society and parents, and created my reality based on those stories.

It’s time to let go of all the conditionings.
Knowing that I am 100% responsible for my life is empowering.
No one to blame.
I live by truth, not dramas/stories.
There is no way back on this journey.

I love my body.
I love being a woman.
I embrace my sexuality and sensuality.
I build healthy and intimate relationship with my own body.

What an amazing trip…the Netherlands.

Thank you Yama … a wild woman … I love you ♥
You are the embodiment of Goddess!
I love you and adore you.

Thank you for showing up fully and holding the space for fellow women to awaken in the Womb Wisdom Retreat. 

♥ Every single word you said to me, I remember ♥

I no longer wait for approvals.
I no longer listen to the old stories.
I live. I fly.
I am free.

And thank you for taking me to the sauna in Holland.

Why did I feel ashamed to be naked? Why did I associate being naked with having sex? Why did I (sometimes) even viewed sex as almost something dirty?

I was asking myself these questions while in a Dutch sauna where men and women are all naked.
The idea of being naked in a public sauna was scary at the beginning, but in reality, it was very natural.”

Miyo Sui (Singapore), 14th of November 2016

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