There is Always Something…

… says the Ego.

The high potential of our work with the Sacred Plant Medicines keeps expanding and impressing us. Like in last weekend’s retreat, when we guided a very deep healing process for a beautiful group of people. We were able to go very deep because of the strong group support and the way that the group functioned as one big, natural organism, each and every person with a specific roll serving the whole, transforming stuff on a personal as well as a collective level.

It was a retreat full of crazy obstacles (from a space – and especially kitchen – that seemed not suitable for our work and the size of the group but were amazingly transformed, to the massive annual crazy party right next door, with hundreds of people and a live band). So we worked with the theme that all of us know too well: ‘There Is Always Something!’, which we collectively recognized as a way of our Ego to get attention and conformation and finally worked out in opportunities that brought even more depths in the retreat! It’s all a matter of perception!

Three strong ceremonies with several plant medicines, a ‘Vomativo’ (purging ritual to deep cleanse the system) in the garden, a daytime ceremony in the light to literally bring everything that we had been working with at night into the light and receiving the light of the sun with our bare feet on the earth and the ayahuasca in our bodies, jumping in the natural swimming pond, sharing amazingly good food and strong integration circles. Every single person was glowing in the final sharing circle when we reflected on how we came in and how we were feeling right then and on how to bring the awakening lessons into our daily lives.

There is Always Something... 1

We feel endlessly grateful being able to work with these plant teachers and healers, for the support of our incredible team of Yarana Chandar & Marie Louise Amaruq and our cooks Mirte Madelief and Ingrid Coppieters, without whom we never ever could do even a tiny little bit of what we are bringing now, and for the deep trust of the group. It is really high time to find our own place and create our ‘Casa Medicina’, House of Medicines! There is Always Something... 2?

There is Always Something... 3

Next week we will work with one of the themes that often comes up in the sharing circles, the Sacred Union, Yin/Yang, Dark and Light, the balance between Men and Women, the Divine Masculine and Feminine, relationship issues, etc. Apart from the plant medicines (no ayahuasca!), we will work with sound meditations and tantra rituals and nature all around us on retreat centre the Hof van Axen. Looking forward to dive deeply into ourselves from this specific angle.

And as for the plant medicine retreats, there will be three more this year and you are very welcome to join us in this highly medicinal work:

– 6-9 september 2018
– 18-21 oktober 2018
– 29 november- 2 december 2018

And on Sunday 17th of June there will be another Sacred Cacao Ceremony, where we’ll also work with other plant medicines.

For information about the retreat and ceremonies you can go to the page ActWild or send an email to

Much love and reverence for the plants and you from us,
Yama Voorhorst & Zelday Hans Karssen ?There is Always Something... 4??There is Always Something... 4There is Always Something... 6

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