Womb Wisdom Retreat Portugal

“Yama is an amazing sister who understands sisterhood so well. She knows how to encourage, to uplift and to love. Because she radiates love, she has so much to give and she inspires you to live your life to the fullest. Deep bow for her journey and share her knowledge with us. Thank you so much for being you.”, Oktober 2017 – Marja Wijnhof, Olival das Hortas / Mama Earth Project Portugal (host en deelneemster Womb Wisdom Retreat in Portugal, Oktober […]

I am not into ‘guru’s’ (recommendation)

“The womb healing retreat is for all women willing to dive into themselves with complete self love. And Yama and her team create a space so safe… it feels exactly as it must have been when still in the womb. I am not into the ‘guru’s’ so I will not call her this. But Yama sure is a true treasure for the world.”, 17th of November 2016 Kim Padding-Zevenbergen (participant Womb Wisdom Retreat in November 2016)

Strong feeling of Sisterhood

“I thought it was wonderful – a space beautifully held with great compassion, wisdom, skill, experience and friendliness. A strong feeling of sisterhood grew very quickly between the women present and I believe each felt seen, heard and met as she shared her pain and struggles, her strengths and joy. Empowering our shared waters with gratitude at the Full Moon Water Blessing, sharing songs and stories with our wonderful womb sisters, working with old patterns and releasing that which no longer serves us by […]

Full Moon Water Ritual

“The Friday (Friers/Freya’s day) Eve at the yurt was totally magical, full moon, sacred space, giving… receiving… Thanks, to water and each other. Thank you to all there and to spirits presence with us… Diolch yn fawr, mahalo.. and all the other languages way of sounding this word.”, 20st of September 2016 Kendal Jordan

Love, empathy and wisdom

“Meeting Yama was amazing. What a lovely, lovely lady (full of love, empathy and wisdom and sharing personal experiences which helped me too).  I could see this was a lady talking from experience and not just going through the motions. Her personal transformation is inspiring. I would not hesitate to recommend this transmission to any lady wishing to take responsibility for their live, challenge old patterns of thinking and behaviour and becoming the person we are meant to be.  Thank […]

Womb Wisdom in North-Wales

“Beautiful sharing together among women in the womb like space of the cosy yurt. Thanks for being part of the first transmission of the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki in North-Wales. What a moving time it was! We hope you still carry the deeply healing energy with you from receiving the Rite and/or of the Full Moon Water Blessings Ritual. The whole weekend has left us buzzing with a soft and peaceful energy. All the experiences we shared, the growing taking place in […]

Womb Wisdom Wales

“Beautiful Yama, I am feeling honoured to have travelled with you for such a long time. I was there when you did the first womens weekend years ago (1997!) and was there when you did the first one of these womb blessings together with men in Utrecht a few years ago. I appreciate it very much that you came to Wales to share your women wisdom with the women here. Its great to follow your wonderful journey going deeper and […]


Rijpheid Het expansieve gevoel van de zomer neemt steeds meer af en komt langzaamaan tot stilstand – wat haaks kan staan op de vele opstartactiviteiten die na de zomer plaatsvinden! Doe het allemaal ietsje rustiger aan en blijf goed bij jezelf. De aarde hoeft nu niet actief bewerkt te worden en onze ziel evenmin. En zoals de bomen nu langzaamaan hun bladeren gaan loslaten, kunnen wij ook verstillen en loslaten wat niet meer bij ons past. Door loslaten ontstaat er […]


Nouja, zómer…!!? Ja, en òf het zomer is. Bekijk het van de zonnige kant, de meeste regen valt naast je. Hoewel het een weekeind was vol herfstige buien, is het echt zomer geworden. Vrijdag was de langste dag van het jaar, de zomerzonnewende. Vanaf nu worden de dagen weer korter. En gister was het bovendien volle maan. En niet zomaar volle maan. Een supermaan! De maan stond dichter bij de aarde dan ooit. Dit zijn mooie gelegenheden om stil te […]


One Day Restaurant *a.s. pinksterzaterdag 18 mei kun je vanaf 18 uur aanschuiven voor de lenteproeverij aan de diverse tafels in de tuin* Delightful A little madness in the Spring Is wholesome even for the King, But God be with the Clown — Who ponders this tremendous scene — This whole Experiment of Green — As if it were his own! (Emily Dickinson) Wild & Rauw Lenteproeverij: op zaterdag 18 mei in Empe Van harte nodigen we je uit om […]