Truth, no more drama and stories

“I made a commitment to set myself free from all the conditionings, and take every single opportunity to step out from my comfort zone. I took in so much ideas from the society and parents, and created my reality based on those stories. It’s time to let go of all the conditionings. Knowing that I am 100% responsible for my life is empowering. No one to blame. I live by truth, not dramas/stories. There is no way back on this […]

Womb Wisdom Retreat (5-days)

“We had a great week with Yama. She is a very strong and powerful shaman, full of love and power.” Hilde (Belgium) * “This was the most wonderfull week. Thank you so much for your light, and Thank you all of my Sisters ❤🙏🏽” Esther * “Yama! What a treasure your are for the world! #vervuld” Kim * “What a experience…💖💖💖💖💖 Love… loved and be loved….thank you all…….sisters💖 You have all a place in my hart. Petra * “This week had […]

Shining from inside out

“My husband would like to thank you too. We have been putting into practisce what I learnt in the Womb Wisdom Weekeind and it is AMAZING! YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE LADY. What I have learnt: What I have been putting into practice is to go with my feelings (to trust my gut/womb). When I do this life flows and is very good.  When I start living from my mind then I get anxious, stressed and it stops me enjoying life. […]

Inspired To Continue My Journey

“I wanted to thank you so much for bringing these sacred teachings to Wales. It was real pleasure to meet you. I feel so grateful for having been a part of the ceremonies last weekend. I’m sad I could not stay longer. But you know, I hurried home expecting disapproval for having been away all day (that which I have come to expect from my mother) but I walked in and my partner beamed at me with dinner cooking and my […]

Full Moon Water Ritual

“The Friday (Friers/Freya’s day) Eve at the yurt was totally magical, full moon, sacred space, giving… receiving… Thanks, to water and each other. Thank you to all there and to spirits presence with us… Diolch yn fawr, mahalo.. and all the other languages way of sounding this word.”, 20st of September 2016 Kendal Jordan

Love, empathy and wisdom

“Meeting Yama was amazing. What a lovely, lovely lady (full of love, empathy and wisdom and sharing personal experiences which helped me too).  I could see this was a lady talking from experience and not just going through the motions. Her personal transformation is inspiring. I would not hesitate to recommend this transmission to any lady wishing to take responsibility for their live, challenge old patterns of thinking and behaviour and becoming the person we are meant to be.  Thank […]

Accessible Energy

“Thank you so much Yama, for our Skype session. I love your special, pure and accessible energy and I feel a lot of Trust. ❤️ Furthermore, I feel Surrender and Silence. A warm hug and much love for you! 💕💫”, 14th of September 2016 E.

Voorbij de schaamte

“Lieve Yama, jouw sessie afgelopen woensdag op Lorelei heeft mij diep geraakt en doet dat nog… Je integerheid, het er volledig zijn voor het proces van mij, de totale Verbinding met mijn lichaam(sdelen) mogen ervaren, dat alles voorbij de schaamte mogen, ik ben dankbaar voor het stromen, de kracht en de rust die ik nu ervaar. Zo een rijkdom, zo een cadeau. Ik ben nu blij met mijzelf en dankbaar dat ons pad zich heeft gekruist. Ik ben regelmatig stil van […]

Healing you, healing me

“I’d like to thank you from the depth of my Heart, the lightness of my Soul, the joy of my Belly and the vastness of my Mind for taking your Divine Initiation Journey. For healing yourself, healing me – your Divine SoulSisSTAR -, healing your Sisters and Brothers and healing our (deceased) ancestors. For opening yourself and let yourself be filled with power & wisdom that lies Beyond in the Mystery and Unknown. Please come back to us and share […]

5-days Womb Healing Intensive

“Wat een ongelooflijk mooie én pittige week heb ik ervaren. Diepe dalen, pieken, warm, koud, weerstand, kwetsbaarheid… vele inzichten hebben ze gebracht. Ik dans door de kamer met ‘Remember’ van Omkara op de achtergrond en voel mij vervuld met diepe dankbaarheid. Wat ik vooral meeneem is zachtheid en liefde voor mijzelf… En dat dit uitstraalt naar mijn omgeving heb ik dit weekend al mogen ervaren. Bij thuiskomst heerlijk met mijn dochter geknuffeld en het meest intieme, vrije, open, en helende […]