The power of words

Words… we shape our reality with every word we speak. So be aware of the words you use, be conscious in your proclamations! One of the biggest steps in healing myself was stopping to tell the story of my severe illness, explaining over and over again why I wasn’t able to do what I truly wanted and repeating the reason why things wouldn’t work, no matter how I tried (and God knows I did try!!). I was always proving myself […]

Mother, Child, Witch, Elder, Sister

“The first time I met Yama was during a Womb Wisdom Ceremony. I immediately felt safe and held to go deep (and looking around me I wasn’t the only one). She knows how to open up a deep and profound healing space, where I feel she is a Medicine Woman on many levels and I am not only speaking to the plant medicines she works with… Yama carries the unconditional love and compassion of a Mother, the curiosity and playfulness […]

Singing Medicine Circles

“It was a MAGICAL evening!! So much transformation and that in one evening… I can imagine what more days like a retreat will be like! Thank you all beautiful sisters, together we heal and grow! Looking forward to the upcoming months on The Sacred Path, year training for women.” Merit Koelink “Thank you my sweet Yamita. For your trust and fully flowering everything always! Love you deeply. And all my sacred sisters…you’re magical!! Strong, wise, soft, sweet, clear, loving, brave and so much […]

A true facilitator and creator

Liselotte Hennekam recommends ActWild “It doesn’t really matter if you are an experienced traveller for many years or just starting and finding your way, for everyone there is something to experience learn, open up, explore, taste. And Yama is a true facilitator and creator. Her life has been a great great challenge and helped her to heal and from there step into an old knowledge that is part of her being. She is writing a book about the deep struggle […]

The Sacred Path – reviews

“Een jaar lang gereisd met deze prachtige groep vrouwen. Mijn kompas was ‘Schaamteloosheid’, het heeft me gebracht naar diepe angsten en patronen en die heb ik vrij mogen laten. Wat een heerlijk afsluitend weekend, waarin ik mocht koken voor iedereen, met een cacaoceremonie, mijn allereerste zweethut en zo veel belichaamde sisterhood om mij heen. Ik voel me rijk en diep ontspannen.” – Eva Serafina Reijnders * “Ik heb een prachtig pad afgelegd rondom mijn woord ‘Bestaansrecht’. Een jaar lang heb […]

Book release

Yesss… my book will be released in April 2019!!  It all started on the 19th of June 1999: that very day I fully committed to being ME with ALL THAT I AM. That day I promised myself Faithfulness, Fidelity and Full Support in my Darkness and in my Light during a Self-Marriage Ritual amidst my best Sister-friends as my witnesses. I am still wearing my self-wedding ring on my left thumb, as a daily reminder of my vows. After that […]

Gift in disguise

We grow in consciousness by shedding old skin and waking up with a raised level of spiritual consciousness. This is what my BOOK is about, that is currently being read by a few people for the first time… (exciting!): actually it is a personal LOVE STORY about healing my BIPOLAR DISORDER.  And when I say ‘healing’ I do not mean only getting out of my severe sick state of being and ‘back’ to my ‘normal’ state, preventing myself from further […]

Let Us Do Our Magic…! 

We women have Infinite Healing Powers! Healing ourselves first of all, healing others (which basically means bringing others back into a place of self-healing) and healing the feminine/masculine balance on a collective level.  Women can create true Magic by getting together, aligning with our Female Forces and tapping into that collective healing field of deep, intuitive Womb Wisdom. But… Yes, there is a big BUT!! Most of the time we are blocked from this source. Stuck. Not flowing. Blocked. Sick. […]

Ayahuasca (on)Zin

“Mijn realiteit is dat Ayahuasca ongekend veel heling kan brengen en dat dit soort natuurlijke, helende middelen door de wet verboden worden is in mijn ogen te gek voor woorden!” Laatst heb ik eindelijk de aflevering van het televisieprogramma Rambam over Ayahuasca kunnen bekijken. Ik had al gehoord dat het een behoorlijk uit z’n verband gerukt beeld over het gebruik van dit plantmiddel schetst, maar vond het desalniettemin schokkend om te zien wat er nu zoal de wereld in gezonden wordt […]

Individuele sessie, veilige ruimte

“Dankjewel lieve Yama, om voor mij een veilige ruimte te creëren om mijn verhaal te doen, mijn geheimen te delen en om mij met jouw zachte handen rust te brengen in mijn lichaam. Dankjewel ook voor de praktische tips en adviezen. Ik heb inderdaad nu wat ingangen om verder te gaan.” Inge uit België, 25th of April 2018 * “Wat een mooie individuele sessie was dat… Yama hartelijk dank voor je kennis en inzichten. Absoluut een verrijking ??.” Tanja Keijzers, 22nd of […]