Plant Medicine Retreat Peru

“Yama is exceptional! She is so well balanced, she’s got the yin and the yang, inside and outside, head and heart and she’s very conducive. You could tell she’s doing what she supposed to do. I’ve had the pleasure to join her on one of her retreats in Peru. Although you spend a lot of time with yourself, I could always feel that she’s there for me and in time of need she was always on my side. I wish […]

Partner sessions

“Wij deden het partnertraject* bij Yama (*wat bestaat uit individuele sessies voor ons allebei en gezamenlijke sessies). In de individuele sessies kon ik door de massage meer aanwezig komen in mijn lijf. Met name ook in mijn yoni en baarmoeder. Omdat ik volledig bij mijzelf kon zijn, iets wat ik tot dan toe in seksueel contact met mijn partner niet deed, kon ik beter opmerken waar ik mezelf blokkeerde en hoe ik dat los kon laten. In de sessies samen […]

I am not into ‘guru’s’ (recommendation)

“The womb healing retreat is for all women willing to dive into themselves with complete self love. And Yama and her team create a space so safe… it feels exactly as it must have been when still in the womb. I am not into the ‘guru’s’ so I will not call her this. But Yama sure is a true treasure for the world.”, 17th of November 2016 Kim Padding-Zevenbergen (participant Womb Wisdom Retreat in November 2016)

Truth, no more drama and stories

“I made a commitment to set myself free from all the conditionings, and take every single opportunity to step out from my comfort zone. I took in so much ideas from the society and parents, and created my reality based on those stories. It’s time to let go of all the conditionings. Knowing that I am 100% responsible for my life is empowering. No one to blame. I live by truth, not dramas/stories. There is no way back on this […]

Womb Wisdom Retreat (5-days)

“We had a great week with Yama. She is a very strong and powerful shaman, full of love and power.” Hilde (Belgium) * “This was the most wonderfull week. Thank you so much for your light, and Thank you all of my Sisters ❤🙏🏽” Esther * “Yama! What a treasure your are for the world! #vervuld” Kim * “What a experience…💖💖💖💖💖 Love… loved and be loved….thank you all…….sisters💖 You have all a place in my hart. Petra * “This week had […]

Sacred Cacao & Tantra Ceremonie

“Tantraceremonie met de Hart-helende kracht van Sacred Cacao door Yama en Asim: Mijn hart stond volop open, verbonden en ik voelde me vervuld van liefde en ontroering. Ik ga zeker nog ceremonies, healings of workshops bijwonen van jullie. Yama, je bent een voorbeeld: vrouw, moeder en avonturier die het leven plukt. Die kan genieten. (vanuit mijn perspectief dan ) Je brengt de wereld dichterbij. Dank je!!!!!!” Marjan Tuyttens

The Incurable Cured

Nothing is impossible A little more about my personal story of curing the ‘incurable’ bipolar disorder When I had developed a severe medicine poisoning after being strongly medicated for over 25 years, I had a wake up call. My body said STOP! My mind said STOP! Basically my whole being said STOP! I have to admit that there have been times when the medication has saved me. Those drugs might be needed in some risky moments to prevent even worse. But […]

Tantra/Shamanic Healing Sessions

“You two are Magical together, the way everything flows, so pure and full of Love. It’s beyond words.. Thank you Yama Voorhorst & Gino Cocchella for the Deep Healing for my aunt today”, June 2nd, 2016 Yanu Shew * “Dank je wel, Yama! Ik voel me nu heel kalm en gecentreerd. De dag erna was ik erg moe. Af en toe nog aan het shaken en rillingen en heel erg druk aan het dromen, maar kan het me niet herinneren. Veel behoefte aan […]

blissfull vibe of the Sacred Cacao

“Thank you, Yama and Asim, for holding this safe space to explore and be! It was such a joyful and loving journey!”, December 12th 2015 Sanjula Kim Smits   “Hhmmm such an amazing experience. Feeling grateful.”, December 12th 2015  Deva Hitesh Stefan Menten “It was amazing! Thank you.”, December 12th 2015 Leonie Poortvliet   “Heel mooi om onderdeel van te zijn, dank je wel lieve Yama & Asim en de andere fijne mensen.”, December 14th 2015 Femke van Gent   […]