Strong feeling of Sisterhood

“I thought it was wonderful – a space beautifully held with great compassion, wisdom, skill, experience and friendliness.

A strong feeling of sisterhood grew very quickly between the women present and I believe each felt seen, heard and met as she shared her pain and struggles, her strengths and joy. Empowering our shared waters with gratitude at the Full Moon Water Blessing, sharing songs and stories with our wonderful womb sisters, working with old patterns and releasing that which no longer serves us by receiving the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki.

I have been left with a strong feeling of connection with my womb – a
surprise to me! – a sense of deep love and appreciation and wish to give her pleasure and be in deeper and deeper communication. I’m shocked to realise that I have either ignored my womb or cursed it for my periods. I never appreciated the growing of my babies or the profound significance she holds for me. Or the connection between my womb, as a place for life to begin, and the beginning of life in the universe. This makes me feel so honoured and proud to be a woman.

I awoke the next morning wishing to return to the warm safety of the Sacred Womb Space created by Yama and Femke inside the beautiful yurt and yet the feeling that it has left me with is one of true self.

I feel like Yama’s words have really rooted in me and changed something for the better. Eternally grateful.”, 21st of September 2016

Kate MacCaulay

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