Skillful hands

“Lovely to be in your energy and under your skillful hands!”[*], April 15th, 2014

Roberta Skye, Holistic Pulsing Teachter and Wholistic Practitioner


[*] How wonderful to get this wonderful reaction from my Holistic Pulsing Teacher!

I had the pleasure of meeting with Roberta and exchanging a HP-session with her on her visit in The Netherlands.  I was pretty excited to meet her again. It was more than 20 years ago that she taught me the beautiful technique of Holistic Pulsing and I was a bit nervous to give her a session. But wooow, it was great: playful, loving, trying out new things and getting great feedback. “Your transitions are extremily smooth” – a beautiful compliment since that is what I aim for. If you ever have a chance to get a session from Roberta, go for it!


2 Responses to “Skillful hands”

  1. Roberta Skye says:

    I had the wonderful experience of exchanging sessions with Minke on my recent visit to the Netherlands. Minke’s technique and intuitive attention to detail embodies the deep spirit of Holistic Pulsing as we all explored it together during my years of teaching. I was truly heartened to feel how well this is being carried on after so many years !

  2. Thank you so much Roberta!

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