Shining from inside out

“My husband would like to thank you too. We have been putting into practisce what I learnt in the Womb Wisdom Weekeind and it is AMAZING!


What I have learnt:

  • What I have been putting into practice is to go with my feelings (to trust my gut/womb). When I do this life flows and is very good.  When I start living from my mind then I get anxious, stressed and it stops me enjoying life.
    An example would be I am getting close to my husband and it feels very good.  My thoughts would be saying: “You have too much to do, there is no point to this“, etc etc and on it goes.  When I switch off from my mind and get back to focusing on the feeling then life is good again.
  • Also I see very clearly from the weekend that if I really go with my feelings they change and pass and flow easily if I allow them to. I went from being very emotional, upset and stuck to calm, peaceful and totally honest about myself.
  • I also learnt that it is ok to wear make up if you feel you are enhancing your beauty, but for me it is not right to wear makeup as a mask to hide. I am beautiful naturally because I am a child of God and when I live honestly my inner beauty shines.  This is what I saw so clearly in you, Yama. A beautiful, pure, spiritual lady who shone from the inside.
  • I have also decided to become vegeterian because I see more clearly that my body is a temple and I do not want the vibrations of an animal that was frightened before being killed to be in my body.
Thank you so much for these insights.  Over the years I have heard it e.g mindfulness but I have not really put it into practice enough. I will join the red tent and enjoy being with my Sisters.

I feel very priviledged, lucky and honoured to have met you.
I thing I fell in love with you, you are the Sister I never had.


I do hope our paths meet again and if not, there’s always email and fb.

Sending you much love and best wishes to you, in all areas of your life.
Thank you so much for a truly amazing weekend.”, 20st of September 2016


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