Shamanic Sound & Tantric Medicine

Shamanic Sound & Tantric Medicine… WOooow!!! No less.
In the last few days Hans and I guided a couple of very special private healing sessions at Hans Karssen‘s Didgeridoo & SoundStudio in Hierden, combining both our gifts: the skilled sound medicine of Hans who uses all kind of instruments, singing bowls, bars, chimes, the sun gong, his didges, the subtle rattling of the ‘chacapa’ (healing leaves from the jungle as well as leaves from this area) and much more and my healing hands & voice.

But even more than ‘just’ combining our gifts, something much bigger is happening… Something that already slightly started in the sessions we did even before we went to the jungle, but that showed itself undeniably clear and huge while being in the mighty green M’AmaZone Spirit together…

Shamanic Sound & Tantric Medicine 1

Initiation in the jungle

It is clear that we have work to do!
I say ‘we’ but while tuning in on the person(s) we work with and plugging in this vast Medicine Space, we become mere tools of the Divine. It is not anymore me doing my things and Hans doing what he is so skilled at, all we ‘do’ is being fully available and co-operating with the the proces that wants to happen ‘through us’. From the moment we tune in, our energies, sounds, vibrations, breaths and touches start merging and working together, creating this sacred space in which miracles can happen.
Yesterday we had this conversation in which I was sharing about my ‘allergy’ for the word ‘Shaman’ and ‘Shamanism’. But I can’t but admit that what is happening in these sessions is a shamanic practice, in the way it connects with nature, the plant spirits and all of creation.
*** some experiences ***
We worked with a man who was just starting his own business, while in the home situation his wife that was having a severe a breakdown. He was taking care of her, as well as taking care of their four small children, without any complaints. Fact was that he could use some support in this situation! He really enjoyed the loving attention and released some deep fear and sadness ‘through’ Yamita Voorhorst, that he couldn’t release by himself.
We also worked with a woman with cancer. While being alone in the jungle in December, I ‘received’ a sort of protocol: I was told exactly what to do with with her, step by step. Bizarre precisely. And it should be guided by a sound healing of Hans Karssen. So Hans created a strong field of sound vibrations for us to enter really deep. And in that ‘womb’ like environment he created, we could exchange energies in a way I have never experienced before: I got to feel her illness in my healthy body, being able to explore it from inside out. And at the same time she could plug in and charge on my healthy energy system. Hans was my ‘anchor’ in this world, a lifeline for me to surrender so I dared to go way beyond myself. I never knew something like this existed, but after sharing it with a friend I learned that there is even e name for this kind of ‘exchanging energies’ healing work (which I forgot again…!)
We gave another session to a woman with a huge distortion in her energy system after having an accident, living with panick attacks and weird sensations in her head for a couple of years already. She wanted to join my Womb Wisdom Retreat before but couldn’t make it, because she can’t handle the many stimuli in a group, and she longed to come to the jungle for healing, but the long journey to get there makes it impossible for her. This day she made it to Hans’ studio in Hierden. She was brought by her dedicated and very supportive husband, who ended up joining us in the healing session. I don’t want to enter in too many details, but I can say that we made an amazing opening in her vulnerable system that is completely upset by all the energies that she receives but can’t deal with – not yet! But I recognised a lot of what is happening in her from the time I was still very ‘sick’ myself, what appeared to be huge ‘shamanic’ energies that are being completely misunderstood in our Western culture. She has quite a way to go but she will be a great healer when she gets out of this space. For sure!
And we gave an amazingly juicy session to a Sister of mine. Normally I only do the intimate sister healing work by myself, but this time it wanted to take place with the help of the sound vibrations, which reach the body even deeper on cellular level. She was very brave and let herself be fully intimitely opened in the precense of Man holding space as well. And I must say, after seeing her receiving this session as a true Goddess being opened by the Divine, I would recommend it to all women who dare to step out of their comfort zone to enter God 😀
In the month May there will be new opportunities for these sessions with Hans Karssen and me. And next week, on Saturday the 8th of April, we will guide a Shamanic Sound Healing Ceremony with Sacred Cacao as a plant medicine to open your heart and senses even more. We still have a few places, if you are interested, send a message to and Marie Louise Amaruq will give you all the needed information.
More information about the Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Shamanic Sound Medicine is here:
I am bowing down with a lot of gratitude,
Yamita Voorhorst | ActWild <3
*** review from one of the receivers ***
“Ontvangen in openheid
Een warm welkom door Yamita Voorhorst en Hans Karssen
De ruimte waarin de sessie plaats vond was gevuld met didgeridoos die Hans zelf gemaakt heeft, de wanden hangen vol, een prachtige grote gong aan het hoofdeind van waar ik lig,
ik zie klankschalen, gitaren en kleine instrumenten… een krachtige prachtige ruimte voor een sessie!
Met respect voor elkaar beginnen we de reis, Ik spreek mijn intentie uit voor deze sessie, een diepere verbinding maken met mijn lichaam en vooral mijn bekkengebied, geef me over aan de handen van Yama en de klanken van Hans… ik voel hoe Yama zich afstemt op mij, mijn lichaam rustig en liefdevol aanraakt, op zoek naar de opening om dieper te kunnen werken… langzaam ontvouwt mijn lichaam zich, de trilling van de klanken openen mijn energieveld, helpen me in het moment te blijven, uit mijn hoofd, in mijn hart, me te laten raken door de handen en de klanken… de handen van Yama tasten af en volgen de energie die in beweging wordt gezet door haar aanraking en door de klanken toe te laten. Een krachtige combinatie….. Ik voel me zakken, meer en meer in contact met mijn lijf, voel mijn verlangen op diepe laag ontmoet te worden…. Yama durft te volgen en ik ben haar dankbaar voor haar doortastendheid en Hans voor zijn afgestemde klanken.
De gong opent mijn energieveld…. Ik voel hoe ik steeds meer meetril met de klanken…. In vertrouwen laat ik los, geef me over aan de aanraking, omhult in de veilige bedding van hen beiden… Didgeridoo sounds….handen die raken….lijf wat in beweging komt…opent…voelt…laat gaan…overgeeft…ademt…ontmoet…in mij, mijzelf en ontmoet worden in klank en aanraking… De trilling van de instrumenten geven veiligheid, mijn energieveld opent als vanzelf waardoor ik steeds meer en verfijnder kan voelen. Een prachtige ondersteuning van de massage en daarnaast ook zijn eigen werk aan het doen. Klankschalen om mij heen, een klankschaal op mijn borst die lang trilt…en het geluid me vervult met leegte… Tegen het eind van de sessie zie ik mijn eigen energieveld om mij heen, voel hoe het trilt, levend en stralend, gelig licht om mij heen…. in mij voelt het licht, en levend, trillend…. Yama sluit af met een icaro, Hans begeleidt mee op gitaar, het is prachtig en het ontroert me dat dit voor mij gespeeld wordt. En zo is de hele sessie ontroerend voor me…. heeft me geopend op diepe laag… en voel me dankbaar voor het lef dat Yama heeft in het volgen van haar intuitie en me daarmee zo diep heeft kunnen raken! Een prachtige sessie die me lang bij zal blijven. Heeft me meer in contact gebracht met mijn diepe verlangen, om dat diep te durven voelen, om er in ontmoet te worden, wow, dat is bekrachtigend! En het heeft mijn energieveld meer geopend waardoor de levensenergie vrijer en blijer kan stromen Dank jullie wel Yama en Hans Voor de veilige bedding En het diepe werk. Dankbaar!”
Caroline De Bruyn

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