blissfull vibe of the Sacred Cacao

“Thank you, Yama and Asim, for holding this safe space to explore and be! It was such a joyful and loving journey!”, December 12th 2015

Sanjula Kim Smits


“Hhmmm such an amazing experience. Feeling grateful.”, December 12th 2015 

Deva Hitesh Stefan Menten

“It was amazing! Thank you.”, December 12th 2015

Leonie Poortvliet


“Heel mooi om onderdeel van te zijn, dank je wel lieve Yama & Asim en de andere fijne mensen.”, December 14th 2015

Femke van Gent


“Yeppp… it was an amazing experience; it turned me upside down – mind-blowing….Words fail to describe my gratitude, especially towards Asim for the unconditional love and acceptance pouring out of him towards me, causing a huge transformation. I am still digesting it….thank you so much and thanks and love to everybody who was there; you were all beautiful and amazing.”, December 15th 2015

Monique Konings


“We had such a magical and wonderful cacao ceremony last night. Still feeling the vibes, feeling grateful with a lot of love in my heart.
Thank you Yama & Asim and the others who were present. Such a great energy we made with each other.
For now I enjoy the quietness and the peacefulness in my heart”, November 14th, 2015

Anja van Dijk


“Hmmm… still feeling the powerfull blissfull vibe of the Sacred Cacao medicine.
Friday night I went into cacao ceremony led by Yama and Asim on the ark of healing… De Avontuur.
Deep in the belly of this beautifull zenvibed ship we were lovingly rocked by the stormy waves outside as we were riding our own waves inside.
With the drinking of the Cacao we were able to fully open our loving and healing heartspace to ourselves and everything else. The wonderfull tantric meditations guided by both Yama and Asim took this journey to a whole new level. Awakening my shakti and kundalini energy I blissfully catapulted myself into joygasmic mode.
To top it of there were many wonderful new and old connections felt and depened.
There was also food and music to share.. I sang… Yes my voice worked!!
Thank Yama Voorhorst and Asim van Ruth and all the other beautiful souls travelling together.
Thankyou Mother Earth for this beautiful PlantSpirit cacao medicine. Love peace and bliss to All.”, November 14th, 2015

Luna Mare


It was lovely and more….
Thank you Yama, Asim and Premala.”, November 14th, 2015

Milena Prochazka


It was fantastic! Thanks Yama and Asim! The good vibes from the Avontuur made this a most magic night!”, November 14th, 2015

Mario Campanella


“Last night was one of the most magical nights ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel grateful to be able to do this work together with my beloved Asim. His support, holding space and wonderful guidance in meditations are taking me to the next level…!

For those who like to join next time, we will be back at the wonderful ship in the caring hands of Alexander Premala in December and there is still space. Come and jump in this amazing loving space of the Ark De Avontuur, a heaven on (the water of the) earth. We’re in the cosy womb of the ship, lightly rocking while riding the waves of our shared energies. Can’t imagine a more beautiful space for these heart opening ceremonies. Welcome.”, November 14th, 2015

Deva Yama

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