Plant Medicine Retreat Peru

Yama is exceptional! She is so well balanced, she’s got the yin and the yang, inside and outside, head and heart and she’s very conducive. You could tell she’s doing what she supposed to do. I’ve had the pleasure to join her on one of her retreats in Peru. Although you spend a lot of time with yourself, I could always feel that she’s there for me and in time of need she was always on my side. I wish everyone growth, healing and love. A great journey to become what you already are. If you need guidance, Yamita from ActWild is the way to go. Blessings!“, March 9th 2017

Maik Diederen [Maik Diederen heeft ActWild beoordeeld — 5 sterren]


This has been a blessing from above! So much love for you, this place and absolutely everyone involved. Words can’t describe! One love sistah.“, March 12th 2017

Eduardo Carvalho, Portugal


I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. For being there, for your presence and all the support. The experience of jungle certainly is unforgettable.”, March 3rd 2017

Andrea Kohlmayer, United States


Felt like coming home!! Thank you Yama.”, September 28th 2017

Didi Dorrestein [Didi Dorrestein heeft ActWild beoordeeld — 5 sterren]

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