Plant Medicine Ceremony

“The inner calling

What does it mean, to be called from a master, a plant, an energy?

I am maybe not able to explain it in the right words…

It is a feeling , a soft tender touching from a mother who is whispering lovely words in my ear: “Come sweetheart, come , come, come… It’s time to wake up.”

I hear this whispering from different sides. I guess and maybe it is the mother it self who calls me . The mother where we al come from. The mother space.

And if I alow myself to embrace the calling, receive the love and the invitation to dive deep in the lovely surrender of consciousnesses and awakening, I can relax deeply. Nowhere to go anymore. No fighting anymore. Nothing to change anymore. Just simple be in the moment and surrender to love.

Thank you sacred mother plant, thank you sacred mother Pema Gitama. Thank you Yama Voorhorst. Thank you Gino Renzo Cocchella Frisancho. Thank you Wilmer Muñoz Campos and thank you Alima….

<3 <3 <3

I am feeling deeply touched…”


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