Plant Medicine Ceremonies

The Sound Medicine Ceremony is a healing ceremony. After drinking the special ‘Ceremonial Grade’ Cacao* mixed in a special tea, Hans and Yama will create a deep relaxing Sacred Space with sounds, vibrations, voice and ‘icaros’ (plant medicine music). This Sacred Space is an invitation for you to fully be Who You Really Are and – if needed – for emotional release. During the evening they will offer a ‘limpia’ (shamanic healing) and towards the end there will be singing with guitar and the opportunity for participants to join in the music. We will end the gathering by sharing a healthy and nourishing meal.

In this ceremony we will create a Sacred Space together where we will open our hearts, supported by the medicine of Sacred Cacao and Tantra Meditations. We will create a deep healing connection with each other. After drinking the special ‘Ceremonial Grade’ Cacao* mixed in a special tea, we open a connecting circle for emotional release and create space for who we really are. Then we will lead you through beautiful opening tantra meditations allowing our true connection to each other and to Source.

*) The Cacao that we use is either wild cacao from the jungle in Peru or an ancient Guatemalan variety, selected and distributed by a ‘Cacao Shaman’ for it’s very strong vibration. It is processed organically and fairtrade.

These ceremonies are for brave people who truly want to wake up, heal and raise their awareness to the next level. We work with very strong Plant Medicine ‘tea’ from the Peruvian jungle. During the ceremony, energy and healing will be transmitted with the help of the plant spirits which are called upon through special songs (icaros).

These ceremonies are normally being given as a group process. There is also a possibility for private ceremony. Send a message for more information.