Raw Teacher

After months of studying, making assignment after assignment and deepening my knowledge about teaching raw food, I am happy to let you know that I passed the Raw Food Teacher exam with The Raw food Coach Karen Knowler.


Karen Knowler has been hailed as “The World’s Premier Raw Food Coach” as a result of her incredible knowledge, experience and ability to make going and staying raw easy, simple, delicious and doable for literally anyone who has the desire, and has coached and worked with people from every corner of the globe, from stay-at-home-mums to well-known celebrities. Her accomplishments in the world of raw food are impressive and extensive; as such she is one of the most prolific, accomplished and dedicated raw food educators alive on the planet today.

Karen is best known for:

  • Making raw food easy, simple and delicious
  • Helping people get “rawganized” for long-term success
  • Creating the “Eater Types” system that enables people to create the perfect diet for them by working with their “eater personality” type
  • Understanding and explaining the raw food journey – both inside and out – simply, intimately and profoundly – she’ll help you go as far as you want to go
  • Helping people dream up and live an “extRAWdinary Life” with raw food as their fuel of choice
  • Helping others turn their passion for raw foods into a thriving business that changes lives for the better

So. If you wonder what I have been up to, this is it! Feel free to contact me by phone (+31-6-24609056) or drop me a line minke@actwild.nl


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