Madre Ayahuasca is a great teacher

Monique Konings reviewed ActWild — 5 *****

I just returned from my first Ayahuasca Retreat. I chose to do that with Yama and Zelday because I trust their guidance completely, which is important so I could feel safe and go deep. It was so very special. Words fail to describe the experience of meeting this very beautiful and wise Plant Spirit. Yama and Zelday treat the Plant Spirits with immense respect and teach us to do so as well. Their songs and sounds are of great beauty and have an incredible power to touch your being very deeply. I so much enjoyed their life music all through the ceremony. They build up the retreat in a perfect way, starting softly on the first night, going full on the second night and rounding off the last night. Nevertheless my last night was extremely intense but they manage, together with a team of Angels, to lovingly attent to everyone in the right moment. I don’t know how they do it but the timing of songs and sounds is so perfect and supported my journey in a very powerful way. We also worked with Grandfather Tobacco who is a magician in cleaning you profoundly with smoke, scent as well as with tea. Madre Ahayuasca is a great teacher and healer; she gave me so many profound and deep insights in my patterns and conditioning and in a very transforming way so you don’t forget and go ‘unconscious’ again when back in life! Yama and Zelday stimulate the participants to not get attached to the ceremonies, but take all the teachings home and start applying them in daily life. I feel deeply grateful for the experience and the guidance of Yama and Zelday. I bow deeply and with immense gratitude to their love and light. Deo volente I will return to their retreats.”

Monique Konings – Koken met Lef en Liefde

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