Love, empathy and wisdom

“Meeting Yama was amazing. What a lovely, lovely lady (full of love, empathy and wisdom and sharing personal experiences which helped me too).  I could see this was a lady talking from experience and not just going through the motions. Her personal transformation is inspiring. I would not hesitate to recommend this transmission to any lady wishing to take responsibility for their live, challenge old patterns of thinking and behaviour and becoming the person we are meant to be.  Thank you again so much.  It was truly wonderful.
It was a lovely setting. I has never been in a yurt before and I loved it. The space was very safe, nurturing and lovely (as a womb in the right conditions would be I suppose). It helped me get in touch with pain I was holding on to and was able to release because I trusted the women there. Much love and appreciation.”, 20st of September 2016
Ann-marie (participant of the Womb Wisdom Weekend in Wales)

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