Internal reset with Ayahuasca

“Yama and Zelday are true Masters in creating deep healing sacred space and otherworldly magical soundspace. The level of depth, presence, beauty and healing they create with the plant medicines, icaros and various musical instruments is beyond words. We travelled into a very deep sacred space.   The 3 assistants, both strong space holders and musical muses, lovingly took care of the group – at any moment in time I knew I could call for support, and they would be present. Intuitively they knew when to step in at the right moment to offer someone presence and support.  This field of trust and loving care made me feel safe and allowed me to sink deeper into my own process.

What am I feeling one week later ? I feel upgraded. It’s as if my ‘internal operating system’ has been reset. I feel deeply grounded, focused, uplifted.  Something in me expanded and I am feeling so much more connected to all that is within and around me.  I can see the next steps ahead in life and have gained inner strength to take new decisions in alignment with my dreams. Since the ceremony, I’ve observed  a week of beautiful synchronicities, where everything showed up in divine timing and I keep following the signs that life sends me.  It is as if every day has become a sacred journey and I meet everything that comes my way with curiosity and gratitude. Embracing life from a different place. Here and Now.

I feel reunited with my path, my power, my breath and my being.

I bow to you with deep Gratitude, Love & Joy in my heart.”, 15th of April 2018


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