Inspired To Continue My Journey

“I wanted to thank you so much for bringing these sacred teachings to Wales. It was real pleasure to meet you. I feel so grateful for having been a part of the ceremonies last weekend.

I’m sad I could not stay longer. But you know, I hurried home expecting disapproval for having been away all day (that which I have come to expect from my mother) but I walked in and my partner beamed at me with dinner cooking and my daughter happily doing her homework at the table. Amazing! He is ever surprising me and  is now my Superman!

After my experiences with you I feel inspired to continue my journey in working deeply with my inner self to heal and release that which weighs me down so that I may walk my true path in this life.
I so look forward to working with you further.”, 21 September 2016
Big Love and Blessings,
Kate M

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