Healing food & detox

My body is my temple. It is the only place to live.

Healthy body, healthy spirit

Are you feeding on stuff that makes you the best version of yourself?

How do you feed yourself? I am not only talking about your body, but about all of you on every level. Food for your body (the temple you live in), food for thought, heart warming food, soul food, etc. What are you taking in? Does it make you shine?

If not (and if you’re open for some improvement in this area) I can coach and guide you in healing your body in seven clear steps – like I healed mine. After over 25 years of poisoning my body I am now 100% free of all medication. And I am free of most of the symptoms that I tried to cure (suppress that is) in the first place! I can support you too to find the balance in your life and in your body. How I will help you?

  • I will coach you on your personal aims
  • I help you with practical advice about nutritious and healthy passionfood that works for you personally
  • I guide you through the ancient Latifa [awareness, meditation] and the octave
  • I support you with body work and/or massage when needed.

And you will find out that it is not too difficult to make some improvements in your life energy when you feed your system well.

Are you ready to go on a personal nutritious journey to feed your body, mind, heart and soul what it needs for you to flourish?

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