Fall back into yourself…

Last week we brought a beautiful, silent and easy going Tantra Ritual at the Open Up Festival. Even though it was very hot and we had a more than huge group at pretty packed and hot attic, we heard that it was very calming, peaceful and healing.

This Sacred Union Ritual was aimed to – first of all – fall back into yourself and your own space and move from there.

Again and again… back to yourself.

Since… there’s nothing to ‘get’ outside, there’s nothing to get from your (mediation) partner…

There is only some energy, touch, breath to share.

But to share yourself, you first have to be present with yourself, in yourself… and from this presence you share.

How easily we lose ourselves while reaching out to others…!

The moment we let someone in our energy field, often we’re ‘gone’!

… either because we try to please please the other, or we try to ‘earn’ their attention, touch, love, or out of our own neediness.

Really, there is nothing to ‘get’ or even claim out there!

But for many of us it is not easy to be present in ourselves.

Where are you when you fall into yourself…?

Who are you calling upon when you Sound your own name in your heart…?

From where do you reach out and move, if you are centred in yourself?

The whole ritual was guided with the live sounds of Zelday, who is a master in holding space and guiding the energy woth his instruments.

In November we bring a while Retreat about the Sacred Union: the Male and Female energy meeting from a centred space I side, creating a balance between the Masculine and Feminine in ourselves and among each other.

We work with ancient Tantra Meditations, Sacred Union Rituals, Sound Healing, Plant Spirits (Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Blue Lotus, Tobacco and Rapé), Sharing Circles, beautiful healthy and orgasmic Passionfood and much more.

You are more than welcome to join us in this healing space, from 15 to 18 November at the Hof van Axen in Drenthe, Netherlands.

Much love and Light,
Bowing down to your inner flame Fall back into yourself... 1🔥,

Yama Voorhorst and Zelday Karssen Fall back into yourself... 2🌿Fall back into yourself... 3💚Fall back into yourself... 4🍃


More info about the Sacred Union Retreat: https://www.facebook.com/events/202572130556197/

>> We invite singles and couples… Y O U ! … to come with us and explore and widen this Love Field, diving deep within yourself and each other to healing old pains and closedness and open up in… freedom while holding space for trust, safety and peace of mind and heart

NB: This Circle will be in Dutch and/or English, Hand & Feet and our Heart’s Language, whatever is needed to reach everybody that participates.

This is what people of the last retreat shared about it:

“Wow, what a magical week it was, to land softly here and to fully enjoy it. You together are really fantastic, so nice that you share this with the world! “❤ Agnes Geense

“YES … it was MAGIC! Radiant and serene … you beauties …!” – Lotte Kerkhoven

“Loved it all, especially all you people and the open and tender-sweet energy flowing!”O.R.

“It was delicious, healing, refreshing and fulfilling and beyond the words. And … if the little voices in your head (your opinions, thoughts, feelings) tell you that the Sacred Union Retreat is not an offer for you… well, that might be THE reason to go! Two years ago I did the Womb Wisdom Retreat for women with Yama and when I went there I was accompanied by a lot of inner comments, prejudices and dusty beliefs, fear and anger in my body. On my way to the Sacred Union Retreat last week it was a mild repetition of this… And both times I ended up on a spot, in an atmosphere, a space of togetherness, which feels very natural, fulfilling… like coming home. So much healing! And doing this together with my partner allowed us to support and encourage each other to bring all what we learned in our daily life at home. I hope that many of you will go. I wish this for everyone and for the worldFall back into yourself... 5 You can also do the Sacred Union Retreat without a partner. The diversity and singles couples, made the experiences in the group very interesting – some (all very safe) exercises are good to do with someone else that your own partner to open up within yourself even more.”Ine Braaksma


More information about the retreat you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/events/202572130556197/

We hope to be together with you in November!

* * * About the picture:
Four years ago this was my Healing Temple at the Open Up Festival.

Mmmm… I still love the look and feeling of that safe Magic Womb with a beautiful play of light.

After some years in the Balance & Support team giving sessions on the Healing Field and a Sacred Union – or Womb Healing Ritual here and there, I chose to direct my energy to the Tantra Rituals and Shamanic Healing Concerts that we are bringing.

Yes, I still give private sessions, you are very welcome at my place – or at the Lorelei Festival, where I still do give some individual sessions and healings.

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