About Yama & Zelday

While working with the sacred medicines, connecting deeply with the medicine plant spirits in this realm of high consciousness and full potential, Zelday  and Yama were initiated as a gifted Medicine Couple in the deep jungle of Peru. They got the profound task to translate this priceless knowledge into sounds and touch in their work at home. It is from this highly Sacred Space that they bring their Shamanic Tantra, Sound & Plant Medicine work with Casa Medicina.

About Yama & Zelday 1

Yama’s teachings and transmissions are based on her fully embodied experience in healing herself in different sacred traditions, lineage teachings and initiations, the most profound ones being the Kaula Heart of All, her Tantric Family, the Plant Masters in the Amazonian jungle and the ancient healing ways of the indigenous Paqo’s in the Andean mountains.
By overcoming several ‘uncurable’ diseases, she deeply connected with nature and all of creation, finding herself on an ancient shamanic path, having access to universal spiritual wisdom and being able to transmit these transcendental energies into this world. Yama brings hidden (but not secret) ancient healing tools that (re)activate the deep yet often forgotten power within you. Tools to clear the past, release toxic emotions, open your energetic pathways, activate your sacred sensual self, bring balance into your relationships and harness your creative potential.
Yama has the gift to reawaken and empower you to become aware of your intuitive voice, free your energies by connecting with the unique pure you and unlock your potent inner source for creativity, spiritual growth and transformation.

While today’s time rumbles forward as an express train, Zelday embarked on a journey back in time with an instrument that has its origin in the Aboriginal clans of Northern Australia. This versatile instrument deeply enriches his life in a spiritual as well as in a physically way.
Traveling for a long time in its country of origin to taste the sand of the land, Zelday gained valuable knowledge to produce his own homemade didgeridoos and through the years he created a big collection of didges made from different kind of woods, in addition to original eucalyptus species. In the 15 years that Zelday mainly played the didgeridoo, he gained many influences and teachings, so his music styles vary widely from percussive, dance and funky grooves to deeply meditative.
After some thorough transformation work, i.a. with sacred plant medicine from the Amazon, the movement towards Sound Healing sessions and ceremonies (re)occured, besides his musical projects. This healing work is about a deep rememberance of our actual human existence, a universal consciousness, our collective and individual inspiration from which everyone and everything is built. WIth sound as his tool, he is able to share from this space of awareness, translating the high states of pure consciousness that he finds there into vibrations, using the Sun Gong, singing bowls, – bars, chimes, his guitar and more in addition to his didges.

We welcome you from a deep space of Consciousness and Love,
Yama & Zelday ♡


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