A true facilitator and creator

“It doesn’t really matter if you are an experienced traveller for many years or just starting and finding your way, for everyone there is something to experience learn, open up, explore, taste. And Yama is a true facilitator and creator.

Her life has been a great great challenge and helped her to heal and from there step into an old knowledge that is part of her being. She is writing a book about the deep struggle in her life and how she found strength to totally change it for the better.

And from that experience she has grown into a truly precious teacher, healer, guide, facilitator and musician of many beautiful healing circles. With her wisdom, musicality, playfulness and creativity she has created, also with Zelday, a beautiful variety of healing circles which I can totally recommend to many.

I love her deeply for the beauty and healing she brings to this world.

A true facilitator and creator 1💞A true facilitator and creator 1💞A true facilitator and creator 1💞 Amonisia, 15th of August 2018

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