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I just returned from the deep jungle after again an amazing, intens, strong, healing, beautiful, loving, supportive time and much much more. I can by no means find the words that can describe the deep healing and empowering processes that have taken place in the last group that I brought there for an Awakening Retreat and last but not least in myself!! I truly have never before been in such a beautiful, aligned, gifted and light space before and the fact that I could share this space is beyond anything ever imagined. 

My journey in Peru since the beginning of December has been amazingly transforming. My last year already was: 2016 brought me so many lessons and gifts. As well as pain and difficulties to face. It helped me to get even more aligned to my inner truth, drastically removing what is not supporting me anymore. I had to make big sacrifices, not always realizing what for. It often felt like my world was falling apart and even though I always realized there must be a higher plan behind this, it was difficult to trust the universe when all I could see was darkness and all I could feel was pain and sadness. But now I know: I wouldn’t be where I am now if I would have held on to what I was afraid to lose. 

I did four dietas/retreats with the sacred plants here in Peru since the beginning of December. The first one in the beginning of December was intens, heavy, sad and painful. I was very sick and depleted, feeling stuck in the situation with my beloved that I couldn’t handle anymore and yet not ready to let him go… The second one with the Kaula family was so beautiful, though I was going trough a deep grief of letting go of my beloved after all. So happy that I had my tantra mama Pema close to me and feeling her support and trust in me. The third one in February in the jungle was completely about shifting back into my strength and finding back my power. And this last one was… out of this world. So rich, so beautiful, so aligned, so gifted, so healing, so loving, so much light…. Pfffft, I had no idea that it even existed! I have been initiated, we have been initiated… 

I can’t wait to further explore what unfolded in me and Hans Karssen, to share our healing gifts together in Sound Healing Ceremonies (with Sacred Cacao as medicine), Sound Healing Concerts and in Individual Tantra/Sound Medicine Sessions. If you are interested, send me a message. The first Mamazonian Sound Healing Ceremony will be on the 8th of April. You are so welcome!

Bowing down for you inner light, Yama Voorhorst




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For WOMEN and MEN on the Wild Sacred Path

29, 30 and 31st of March 2017 in Hierden
While the sounds and vibrations of Hans Karssen bring you into other states of consciousness and open you deeply on cellular level, Yamita's healing tantric touch and medicine voice deeply penetrate into your energy system. Together they create a Sacred Space for you to fully be Who You Really Are and if needed for emotional release. More info:

Saturday 8th of April 13:30-21:00 in Utrecht
After drinking the special 'Ceremonial Grade' Cacao* Hans and Yama will create a deep relaxing Sacred Space with sounds, vibrations, voice and 'icaros' (plant medicine music). During the evening they will offer a ‘limpia’ (shamanic healing) and towards the end there will be singing with guitar and the opportunity for participants to join in the music. More info:

Wednesday 19th of April van 20:00-23:00 Vondelkerk
Pema Gitama will present her awaited new Book: 'Tantra, The Hidden Mysteries' in a celebration evening. She will share the sources of inspiration of her book, read some parts of it and sign it. The evening will be filled with medecine songs with Yamita Voorhorst and Hans Karssen, blissful dance with DJ Mantrdeli Dimitri De Veerman and meetings with many beautiful friends. More info:

SUNDAY 30st of April 10:00-17:00 in Eindhoven
Often during the Womb Healing Ceremonies in the evening we feel the longing to spend more time toghether. So Yama and Remko Leeuw created this full day event to deeply dive into these healing spaces of our Womb Wisdom and Male Wisdom, and in the Sacred Union and integration of our energies together. More info:

Starting on Monday the 1st of May 2017 in Amersfoort
This is year training which consists of 8 days together with our Sisters and many steps you can do at home in the meantime. A big support to make a leap forward on your personal path. More info:

3-7 May 2017 in the Hof van Axen
This 5-days retreat is a deeply healing intensive for men, combining Tantra, Sacred Rituals, Shamanism, Energy work with Nature, Initiation, Meditation, Massage and Coaching around & Male/Female issues. Guided together with Remko Leeuw. More info:

11-14 May 2017 in the South of the Netherlands
In these ceremonies, the Peruvian Maestro Gino Renzo Cocchella Frisancho will transmit energy and healing through the icaros (medicine songs), supported by Yamita Voorhorst. They will call upon upon the spirits to guide, cleanse and heal our souls. (NB: 11-14 May has some availabilty, 25-28 May is full). More info:

7-11 June 2017 in Winterswijk
Womb Wisdom Retreat #1 The Opening, in the Netherlands.
This Womb Wisdom Retreats guided by Yama, is a deeply healing intensives, combining Tantra for women, Sacred Rituals, Shamanism, Massage, Meditation and Coaching around Sexuality and Male/Female issues. To heal ourselves, each other and the collective female energy. More info:

2-15 October in Portugal
After 5 succesful editions of the Womb Wisdom Retreat in the Netherlands and Wales, there is now an opportunity to participate at the Womb Wisdom ‘The Opening’ and/or it’s follow up ‘The Deepening’ on a beautiful spot in Portugal, in October 2017

* 2-8 October 2017
Womb Wisdom Retreat #1 The Opening, in Portugal.
More info:

* 9-15 October 2017
Womb Wisdom Retreat #2 The Deepening, in Portugal
In this retreat we will dive deeper into our wombs. After the first layer, which was about being present, feeling what is stuck in our bodies and taking full responsibility of our lives past the stories we created during our lives, the second layer is about listening deeper to the ancient, creative messages hidden deep within the cyclical powers of our wombs and feminine souls and connect with our unique pure selves. More Info:

WOMB WISDOM brings you hidden (but not secret) ancient healings that every woman should know, that (re)activate the deep yet often forgotten feminine power within you and restore our connection to your own healing force. It will awaken your natural healing powers. For this, you have to stop thinking about ourselves as having a problem on whatever level and start trusting your intuition, your body, your heart...

For all your questions and subscription of any of the events, you can contact and Yama or Marie Louise Amaruq will answer all your questions.

Much love, Yamita ♡


Review of the Retreat in Peru

"Yama is exceptional! She is so well balanced, she's got the yin and the yang, inside and outside, head and heart and she's very conducive. You could tell she's doing what she supposed to do. I've had the pleasure to join her on one of her retreats in Peru. Although you spend a lot of time with yourself, I could … Read more.


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"Wij deden het partnertraject* bij Yama (*wat bestaat uit individuele sessies voor ons allebei en gezamenlijke sessies). In de individuele sessies kon ik door de massage meer aanwezig komen in mijn lijf. Met name ook in mijn yoni en baarmoeder. Omdat ik volledig bij mijzelf kon zijn, iets wat ik tot dan toe in seksueel contact met mijn partner niet … Read more.


Truth, no more drama and stories

"I made a commitment to set myself free from all the conditionings, and take every single opportunity to step out from my comfort zone. I took in so much ideas from the society and parents, and created my reality based on those stories. It's time to let go of all the conditionings. Knowing that I am 100% responsible for my … Read more.


Reviews Womb Wisdom Retreat (5-days)

"We had a great week with Yama. She is a very strong and powerful shaman, full of love and power." Hilde (Belgium) * "This was the most wonderfull week. Thank you so much for your light, and Thank you all of my Sisters " Esther * "Yama! What a treasure your are for the world! #vervuld" Kim * "What a experience... Read more.

My body is my temple.

It is the only place to live."


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