Singing Medicine Circles

“It was a MAGICAL evening!! So much transformation and that in one evening… I can imagine what more days like a retreat will be like! Thank you all beautiful sisters, together we heal and grow! Looking forward to the upcoming months on The Sacred Path, year training for women.” Merit Koelink “Thank you my sweet Yamita. For your trust and fully flowering everything always! Love you deeply. And all my sacred sisters…you’re magical!! Strong, wise, soft, sweet, clear, loving, brave and so much […]

A true facilitator and creator

Liselotte Hennekam recommends ActWild “It doesn’t really matter if you are an experienced traveller for many years or just starting and finding your way, for everyone there is something to experience learn, open up, explore, taste. And Yama is a true facilitator and creator. Her life has been a great great challenge and helped her to heal and from there step into an old knowledge that is part of her being. She is writing a book about the deep struggle […]

Fall back into yourself…

Last week we brought a beautiful, silent and easy going Tantra Ritual at the Open Up Festival. Even though it was very hot and we had a more than huge group at pretty packed and hot attic, we heard that it was very calming, peaceful and healing. This Sacred Union Ritual was aimed to – first of all – fall back into yourself and your own space and move from there. Again and again… back to yourself. Since… there’s nothing […]

Medicine Music Concert

“Het was super, diep geraakt door de verschillende klanken, geuren, trillingen en energie. ” Gerrit Lovink We hebben op het Open Up Festival 2018 weer mooie ceremonies mogen begeleiden, een Sjamanistische Sound Healing en een Sacred Union Tantra Ritueel, en hebben het festival afgesloten met een mooi Medicine Music Concert. Een grote DANKJEWEL aan iedereen die ons ontvangen heeft in wat we kwamen brengen. “Dank dank dank lieve Yama en Zelday. Het concert was magisch. Zo geraakt bij het laatste nummer, heel fijn gehuild.  Tot […]